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At C2 we specialise in English language because it’s what we do best. Teaching English is all we do. For English, choose C2.



Every C2 teacher is trained as an English language expert and qualified in teaching methodology, pedagogy and innovation.


C2 provides immersion in the English language and offers inclusion with native speakers each day, the key to success in English.


C2 only provide premium services. Our teachers, accommodation, classes, activities and excursions are the best available.

Be C²

When learning English every learner dreams of reaching the Cambridge C2 level, complete proficiency. Now you see why we are called C2! We want to make the journey to C2 as easy and as much fun as possible. That’s why we have picked the perfect team of experts to take you on your journey to success. We provide school group trips to Ireland for youths. Learn to speak English in Ireland the fun way!

Ryan Hamill

Ryan Hamill

Director, Teacher, Thinker

Lenice Berthu

Lenice Berthu

Director & Dreamer


Michael Martin

Michael Martin

English Language Expert


Maria Hamill

Maria Hamill

Educational Innovation Expert

Happy Clients

“ C2 helped me more than any other English school ever has. The teachers were amazing and the innovative approach to learning English made each lesson a pleasure. ”

– Manuel Mata,
Valencia, Spain

“ The Summer Camp was the best 2 weeks of my life. I made so many friends with the native speakers and now I have a bit of an Irish accent which I love! ”

– Silvia, 15
Turin, Italy

“ My son loved the innovation and programming course. He normally dislikes English class but he loved this camp and his English improved so much in just 2 weeks.”

– Eva Hernandez,
Madrid, Spain

“ I want to go back next year! I loved the multi activity course and the rugby course so much. My new Irish friend James is coming to visit me in Italy too. ”

– Alessandro, 14
Treviso, Italy

“ We had an amazing school trip to Ireland. Everyone loved the cultural visits and activities organised by C2. We will use C2 again in the future for sure! ”

– Satu Penttinen
Laukaa School, Finland

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English Summer Courses in Ireland

Ireland is the perfect place to learn English this summer. We are an EU country and we love our European identity. We are the best at making people feel welcome and we have the highest percentage of native English speakers in Europe! C² promise that your English will improve greatly all whilst you have lots of fun. Founded by experienced teachers, C² had a vision to provide the most exciting, comprehensive and innovative English courses available and now you can choose the best course to suit your learning needs. Compare our prices to other companies and you will be surprised to see how much value C² offers.

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